Careers in Manufacturing

With 1,645 manufacturing firms in Leeds, the city is the 3rd largest manufacturing centre in the country by local authority area, with 29,000 people directly employed in this sector.

You could be involved in developing new technologies, designing new products or even exporting products around the world.

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To hear young people in Leeds talk about their own manufacturing careers, see our video page.


"At UTC Leeds we work with our business partners – Siemens, Braime, BAM Nuttall, Pland, Sound Leisure and many more, to offer our students exciting futures, giving them valuable and worthwhile experiences, encouraging them to become the next generation of engineers. These companies contribute to our students’ learning and development in the classroom and the work place through projects in school and work experience in the work place."

Hannah Wilson / Principal UTC Leeds

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Manufacturing in Leeds is incredibly diverse - from engineering and medical technology, to food and drink, textiles, aerospace components and even juke boxes. You could be involved in developing new technologies, designing new products or even exporting products around the world.

  • MPM Bradford
  • Agfa Graphics
  • Sound Leisure
  • Brandon Medical
  • Chippendale Projects
  • Daletech
  • Saftronics
  • Drillco
  • Greyhound
  • Lambert
  • Medasil
  • Siemens
  • Taylor Made
  • Unilever
  • Leeds City Council
  • Northern Flags
  • Leeds Welding Company
  • Concept Group
  • Ecco Safety Group
  • Excel Water
  • Sigmat
  • Sovereign Air Movement
  • York Handmade
  • Leeds Bradford Airport
  • Watershed Packaging
  • Perry Uniform
  • Canvasman
  • OPM Group
  • Schunk Group
  • Craftsman Tools
  • ActionPlas
  • Weidmann
  • Leeds Galvanising
  • Stephenson Group
  • Treka
  • Pland Stainless
  • AptarGroup
  • LBBC Technologies
  • B. Braun
  • Print Leeds

Secure your future: manufacturers need young people

There is a skills shortage at all levels of manufacturing with apprentices and graduates in high demand. Careers can be varied and rewarding, whether it’s working on the shop floor, in a profession or in management. Get involved in the festival and see how many different opportunities exist in Leeds.

What happens?

  • Get connected to the manufacturers of Leeds and their networks.
  • Talk to existing apprentices and people in manufacturing for a real life view.
  • Discover opportunities and routes to employment and apprenticeships.
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Benefits of a manufacturing career include:

  • Well paid jobs
  • Secure career opportunities
  • Varied and busy days
  • Working with the latest technologies
  • Designing the future and more