Careers in Manufacturing

Manufacturing in Leeds and West Yorkshire is a thriving and diverse sector offering great opportunities and jobs that pay well above average rates – in some cases, much higher than salaries seen in other sectors.

See for yourself by taking a look at some of the jobs recently advertised on the website of Leeds Manufacturing Festival sponsor E3 Recruitment.


Of course, top rates of pay are for well-qualified and experienced staff or for managerial roles that carry a lot of responsibility.

But if you are starting out as an apprentice, rates of pay in manufacturing are often well above the national minimum apprenticeship rates. And, rather than taking out student loans to pay for your education, an apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to earn while you learn.

You can also search for manufacturing and engineering apprenticeship vacancies on the Leeds City College website.

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Careers in Manufacturing

To hear young people in Leeds talk about their own manufacturing careers, see our video page.

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Manufacturing in Leeds is incredibly diverse - from engineering and medical technology, to food and drink, textiles, aerospace components and even juke boxes. You could be involved in developing new technologies, designing new products or even exporting products around the world.

SUPPORTING Manufacturers
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  • Kirkstall Precision
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  • Ahead Partnership
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Secure your future: manufacturers need young people

There is a skills shortage at all levels of manufacturing with apprentices and graduates in high demand. Careers can be varied and rewarding, whether it’s working on the shop floor, in a profession or in management. Get involved in the festival and see how many different opportunities exist in Leeds.

What happens?

  • Get connected to the manufacturers of Leeds and their networks.
  • Talk to existing apprentices and people in manufacturing for a real life view.
  • Discover opportunities and routes to employment and apprenticeships.
  • To take part in our online events CLICK HERE

Benefits of a manufacturing career include:

  • Well paid jobs
  • Secure career opportunities
  • Varied and busy days
  • Working with the latest technologies
  • Designing the future and more