20 September 2019

Charter to help young people move from learning to earning


Launch event for Leeds Careers Charter at Leeds Art Gallery

An online and interactive careers guidance platform has been launched for young people in Leeds and their families. Start in Leeds will provide up to-date information about study and career options and opportunities in and around the city.

It will feature a series of 3 Minute Hero video profiles with employers from a range of sectors talking about their career journey to help bring the world of work to life. Companies can also upload details of work experience, apprenticeship and job opportunities, together with a profile of thier business.

The platform allows young people to build their own digital profile and CV and to search and apply for post-16 full-time education and apprenticeship opportunities.

Start in Leeds has been developed to support the new Leeds Careers Charter, launched this week, which aims to raise the bar for careers guidance and advice for young people across the city.

Supported by businesses, schools and colleges, the charter sets out a series of commitments and a range of practical support that will be offered to inspire young people, help them make informed choices and plan their future careers.

Julia Massey, Leeds City Council’s head of employment access and growth, explained: “Deciding which career path to take is challenging and with continuing changes in the education and skills system alongside a fast changing job market, mapping out a future direction isn’t always easy.


"While many of our schools and learning institutions provide good careers education and guidance, not all young people know how and where to access this support or are aware of the key skills and behaviousr that employers value."

The charter pledges to make sure all young people have access to guidance and support from careers professionals, workplace experience and lessons that are linked to the world of work and future careers.

They will also benefit from advice direct from employers, opportunities to develop essential work and life skills, together with information on options with sixth forms, colleges, universities and training providers.

Leeds City Council executive member for learning, skills and employment Councillor Jonathan Pryor described the Leeds Careers Charter as a clear commitment to provide guidance, workplace and learning experiences, and technology to support young people in the best possible way.

“The introduction of Start in Leeds is an important strategic step within the wider context of our city’s inclusive economic growth strategy, which is supporting billions of pounds of inward investment, regeneration and business growth to Leeds.

“Not only will all young people be able to access a wealth of information and new e-learning activities, including the creation of a digital portfolio, to develop and build their own career aspirations, schools, the council and wider stakeholders will also be able to access and use a wealth of data which will be created through the new platform.”


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