31 January 2022

Clade factory expansion increases production capacity for green heat pumps

Andrew Wright, AW Hainwsorth

Leading industrial engineering firm, Clade, is preparing to unveil its newly expanded factory in Morley, Leeds, to increase production of natural refrigerant heat pumps, as well as bring new job opportunities to the local area.

In order to further support the UK’s transition to a greener economy, the 29,000 sq foot factory will be dedicated to the production of Clade’s range of industry-leading domestic, commercial and industrial CO2 heat pumps.

Situated on the outskirts of Leeds, the new facility will open on 11 February, creating 30 new jobs and enabling Clade to increase heat pump production by 400%.

Growing their in-house R&D, construction and UK manufacturing services will not only bring additional benefits to Clade’s entire supply chain, but also underpins the UK government’s plan to decarbonise heating in the UK by making low-carbon heating systems more affordable and accessible over the coming decade.

Clade’s ongoing commitment to having a positive environmental impact across its operations is reflected in the factory’s design. These include solar PV to help generate clean energy, the installation of electric vehicle charging points, LED lighting and waste reduction strategies.

Alongside this, the company maintains its operation-wide policy for offsetting carbon generation through tree planting, with over 1,000 trees planted, removing CO2 from the atmosphere and creating space for wildlife.

The factory has been totally self-funded by Clade as part of its investment and growth strategy, but it has received invaluable assistance from the Leeds City Council and Leeds City Region LEP in relation to recruitment and skills support and connections to local manufacturing support infrastructure.

Tim Rook, Chief Markets Officer at Clade, says: We are delighted to be expanding our manufacturing operations in Leeds with this new facility dedicated to the production of natural refrigerant heat pumps.

“Alongside the benefits to UK manufacturing and infrastructure, we are looking forward to building on our green heating expertise, not only in developing a pool of new talent with the creation of 30 roles, but also in growing the entire supply chain around our factory.

“Decarbonising heat is one of the most effective ways to reduce emissions in the race to Net Zero and natural refrigerant heat pumps are the future of green heating. This expansion puts us at the forefront of innovation, supporting the UKs ambition to become a global leader in green heating technologies.”

Tracey Dawson, chair of the Leeds Manufacturing Alliance welcomed the news: “Coming at the beginning of this year’s Leeds Manufacturing Festival, the investment in the new technology centre and in creating new jobs in a developing sector is fantastic news and an indication of the continuing strength and importance  of the city’s manufacturing sector.”


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