20 April 2022

Employers invited to celebrate sector on National Manufacturing Day

Andrew Wright, AW Hainwsorth
Manufacturers are being invited to join a celebration of the opportunities careers in the sector present, by throwing open their doors to local communities on Thursday 7/7/22 for the UK's very first National Manufacturing Day.

The event will give communities the chance to see first-hand the potential careers and diverse roles on offer in manufacturing. The aim is to encourage all age groups from school leavers to more experienced workers looking at reskilling to consider at the possibilities of a career in manufacturing.

Companies from aerospace to food and drink will host a gigantic celebration to showcase their production operations, how their company works and to put on a series of fun events throughout the day. Visitors will be able to talk directly to members of staff about how a particular company works and what opportunities there might be available for them in that business.

To make it easy to see what’s going on, Make UK has created a dedicated microsite where companies taking part will post what they produce and detail the events they are planning for National Manufacturing Day itself. Schools and local residents interested in seeing what is available in their area will be able to search the site using a simple postcode finder, to pinpoint those businesses closest to them and allow them to pick out something which they will find the most interesting.   


Manufacturing covers a wide range of sectors including aerospace, engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical, food and drink, defence, automotive and renewable technologies. So there will definitely be something around on the day to interest everyone. We will also demonstrate the value of a manufacturing apprenticeship as an alternative route after school or college as a way to “earn as you learn” – taking a young person all the way to a University Degree for those who want to.
On the day Make UK will host a special event at our Technology Hub in Birmingham where we will be looking to show how to start a career in the manufacturing sector and highlight our commitment to apprenticeships to create the skilled workforce of the future.

Stephen Phipson, CEO of Make UK, the manufacturers organisation said: “This is a really exciting day where the whole manufacturing sector will come together to celebrate the amazing things that Britain designs and makes. During the pandemic, Britain’s manufacturers stayed open to keep the country running and switched production almost overnight to make vital medical supplies.

“But this sector is agile and exciting all of the time, not just in times of crisis. Our companies are at the forefront of global renewable technology development and some of the most innovative engineering developments seen anywhere around the world. This is a sector with amazing opportunities and we hope this first National Manufacturing Day will give people who have never had the chance to see inside their local businesses just what is going on and the opportunities available to them.”

Find out how you can get involved: https://www.nationalmanufacturingday.org/get-involved


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