19 March 2024

Howarth Foundation invites manufacturers to ‘Business Stands for More’ seminar

Large public sector and corporate organisations such as banks, insurance companies and retailers are coming under increasing pressure to demonstrate compliance with ethical business practice, equal employment opportunity and community engagement.

In turn, they are now putting pressure on their SME network and supply chains to come into line and make the ‘ESG’ – environmental, social and governance – agenda a priority.

In 2024, your business has to stand for more. It is also a way to attract and retain the brightest and talented young people who set increasing store by their employer’s values and commitments to the environment and ethical business.

The Howarth Foundation, chosen for a second year as Leeds Manufacturing Festival’s charity partner, is inviting employers to a series of seminars highlighting the importance of ESG and how business can be a force for good in the community.

The West Yorkshire-based charity was set up by Andy Howarth, pictured left with Carl Hedley speaking at the Leeds Manufacturing Festival launch event, to help the homeless and hidden homeless get back into employment.

“By working with The Howarth foundation, not only will your business engage with the local community as a cause for good but could also create meaningful job opportunities," he said.

“Many of our clients turn out to be your best employees and you can help change the lives of 

people who need a second chance. In turn, we can help you build a business that stands for more.

In the first of a series of seminars Carl Hedley, a previously homeless and recovering addict, will share his experiences of sleeping rough on the streets and his personal story of alcoholism in the workplace.

Charlotte Geesin, legal and compliance director at advisory firm Howarths, Charlotte will also talk about the importance of ESG and set out the legalities of drug and alcohol testing in the workplace.

Charlotte is a visiting lecturer for the University of Law and an independent employment tribunal judge.

“Homelessness and addiction are major public health issues and we look to the public sector for solutions,” said Andy. “But with the involvement of companies who are serious about their corporate social responsibility and positive social media presence, the private sector can also play a key role.”

The seminars take place at the offices of The Howarth Foundation, Brooke Street, Cleckheaton, BD19 3RR on Wednesday 3/4/24 and 10/4/24. Places are limited maximum two per organisation.

Email Lindsay@howarthfoundation.org.uk to book your place no later than 28/3/24, advising which date you would like to attend and any dietary requirements. 

The Howarth Foundation is a registered charity and a donation of £20 per person (to include a small donation to the charity) will be required and to cover the cost of catering and no shows.


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