17 May 2023

Industry experts share insights and best practice in ‘Manufacturing Futures’ virtual summit

Manufacturing is an ever-changing landscape that continually adopts new technologies and working practices to contribute significantly to the regional and global economy. Here in West Yorkshire, the sector employs over 100,000 people and accounts for 13% of total output in the region.

But recruitment, talent retention and skills development present huge challenges and, in this dynamic sector, manufacturers must stay up to date with the latest trends, developments, and best practices to remain competitive and succeed.

To help equip industry professionals with the insights and strategies they need to thrive, Leeds Manufacturing Festival is proud to present the ‘Manufacturing Futures Virtual Summit’ in partnership with festival sponsor E3 Recruitment.

This fortnight-long series of free online events, taking place from Monday 5th to Friday  16th June, brings together industry experts, educators, and business leaders to explore the future of manufacturing and highlight best practice across a diverse range of topics

“The programme for the Manufacturing Futures Summit’ will provide invaluable insights on attracting and retaining diverse talent, understanding T-levels, and breaking the silence around men's mental health in the workplace,” said E3 Recruitment’s marketing manager Steph Plazzi.

Online sessions also include an expert panel on women in manufacturing and creating an inclusive workplace, featuring Tyra Jones form Sulzer and Debbie Grayson of Leeds Welding Company.

Ahead Partnership will lead a session on the growing demand for green skills, which LMF sponsor Next Gen Makers will highlight how employers can create winning apprenticeship training programmes to attract the best talent.

Chair of Leeds Manufacturing Alliance Ben Wilson said: “E3 Recruitment is our partner and sponsor in this initiative, and we aim to offer manufacturers the expert guidance and insights they need to drive their businesses forward, their revenue up and delivering healthy profits for a sustainable future."

“Our joint mission is to help manufacturers succeed today and in years to come. By leveraging our extensive industry connections and providing tools for growth, we aim to empower businesses and teams of all sizes with the resources to succeed in an ever-changing industry.”

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