16 September 2019

Join us at Leeds Manufacturing Festival LIVE on 4 October

Leeds Manufacturing Festival LIVE leaflet

Live streaming event on 4th October in three segments 08:30, 08:50 and 09:10

On Friday, 4th October a Q&A session will be streamed live on the internet from 08:30 until 09:30 on this address - https://youtu.be/UeipGwPI7ek

The link on the day can also be accessed from Twitter by going to the official Leeds Manufacturing Festival Twitter account at @leedsmfgfest.

There will be three segments as follows. These are not repeats, the questions will be different in each segment.

08:30 Welcome followed by a short video of young people talking about working in their business followed by Q&A posed to a panel of industry leaders and young people working in manufacturing. The questions will be live from the audience of UTC Leeds students and from those submitted by any Leeds school beforehand through Twitter using the hashtag #Leedsmfglive to flag it to our attention, and from any Leeds school posting live on Twitter (same hashtag as before) during the event (a pre-posted question is more likely to be used because we cannot predict the volume of live questions).

08:50 Another video followed by more Q&A as above

09:10 Another video followed by more Q&A as above followed by a wrap up and final video at 09:25

If you do watch live you can tweet that you've logged on, mention your school name and the tag #Leedsmfglive and we will get this announced during the live stream.

The timing is designed so that you can use this event or part of it during an assembly. You may watch live for the whole event or any combination of segments. The whole thing will be on YouTube permanently shortly after the event so if you do not get a chance to watch live, or to see all of the segments live, you can watch later and use as you wish.

We would encourage schools to work with their students before the event to generate one or more questions they would like to see be answered by either business leaders or young people already working in manufacturing, and to post them on Twitter using #Leedsmfglive before the event to maximise the chance of the question being used.


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