20 July 2018

Sound Leisure highlight global opportunities in Manufacturing

Sound Leisure are delighted to be involved in this festival which is gathering pace and raising the profile of manufacturing in Leeds.

They are so confident and passionate about raising their profile with young people, that this is already the second interaction they have had to ensure they can secure a pipeline of future employees and show how diverse the manufacturing sector can be. Engaging with younger people adding creative ideas and providing opportunities for the future growth of their business, is always on their agenda. With this event, they have widened their reach to get comment and feedback from students in New Zealand, ensuring their manufacturing training for students is applicable for global growth.

“The common subject the visiting students from New Zealand were studying, was Business Studies.  They were interested to see how the business operates and the decision making processes that we use on a daily basis.  What the students learned on their visit was that manufacturing is an exciting place to be and that they will be able to apply that learning in the real world and make an exciting career for themselves." Catherine Black – PA to Co Director at Sound Leisure

Sound Leisure has been manufacturing high quality Jukeboxes in Yorkshire since 1978. Still family owned, Sound Leisure remain one of only two traditional Jukebox manufacturers in the World. In addition to hand building a wide range of classic styled CD and Digital Jukeboxes they are the only manufacturer to be producing a vinyl playing Jukebox. Working alongside some of the world’s best known brands they export 75% of their machines which are sited in some of the World’s most prestigious locations, with many famous personalities boasting a Sound Leisure Classic Jukebox in their home.


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